Why third_Evolution? 

Because I'll help you be happy and successful. 

If you're like most physicians, when I ask what you want to do non-clinically, your response is: "Well, I'm fairly intelligent, I'm a good, quick learner and a hard worker. I'm willing to do just about anything that uses my knowledge and my background and pays reasonably."  Overwhelmingly, physicians tell me their greatest need is help to determine the right nonclinical job. That's where our work begins.

Your career transition will follow this path.

  • First, we'll explore new nonclinical options, from medical directors to managing quality, perhaps international healthcare, business franchise opportunities, the options are virtually limitless.

  • Second, we'll evaluate what you'll need to pursue this career. Do you need a resume, a business plan, marketing brochures, letters of introduction....? I have an extensive list of materials I've developed for clients and I'll provide everything you need.

  • Third, I am your campaign manager and coach. Yes, just like corporate executives have career coaches and political candidates have campaign mangers, I'm your combination of both. I'll help you navigate the sometimes complex web of networking, keep your campaign materials relevant, brief you before meetings and debrief afterwards... all the support you need to wage a successful job hunting campaign.

And, that's why third Evolution - because I provide the support you need to be successful in your career change, and I've been doing this, working only with physicians for more than nine years. Experience, service, industry knowledge, business knowledge.

third_Evolution is all about change and transition, yours - about helping you find the right fit, the right nonclinical physician career.

And what are non-clinical physician careers? They are any career for which you have the interest, the skill, the knowledge and the passion to succeed.

 Considering leaving clinical practice may be seen by friends and associates as more of a "revolution," but at third Evolution it's about making a logical transformation, an evolutionary change and transition into a "next" career that fits the way you work, matches your career and life objectives and will likely rely heavily on your medical knowledge and training as a physician.  

It's all about action.... not just interaction....

Some consultants like to talk about things to do. With third Evolution you'll do the things we talk about.

Contact third_Evolution today to begin your new nonclinical career transition. From physician resumes to business plans: for jobs in pharmaceuticals, biotech, information technology (IT), non-profits (VPMA), to entrepreneurial pursuits. Call me, Bob Priddy, direct at 720-339-3585 or send me an email at rfp@thirdevo.com. You can also click HERE to request a Courtesy Consult.