Your BootCamp™ Packet is your Personal Tool-Kit for Physician NonClinical Career Transition.

Every BootCamp™ participant receives a USB drive with their Birkman report and a PDF copy of my book, Creating the Roadmap to Your New Career, plus:

  • An Accomplishments Worksheet to list and categorize the core components of your resume or talking points. Your accomplishments need to tell the reader not just what you did, but why you did it and the results, outcomes, success metrics. 
  • A Business Plan template to categorize and formalize the critical elements of a personal or corporate business plan you may use for funding presentations or internal business development. Do you know the critical elements of a business plan and the difference between a plan developed for operations and one for investors? You will when you finish BootCamp™
  • A PowerPoint® presentation outline to present your business plan or your personal value proposition to key publics. Whether you're job seeking or marketing your own entrepreneurial venture, I promise at some point you'll be asked to deliver a PowerPoint® to a group of decision-makers. Your BootCamp version will be the basic format and content to transform your stump speech into a presentation. You'll only need to add the specific business details to be ready to present.
  • Your Career Transition Summary document... your personal career "medical record." It's easy to get caught up in the activity, or even inactivity, of the moment. Good documentation: your job targets, your critical job factors, key areas of job focus, all serve to keep you centered and on track. 
  • Your Networking Scorecard... a simple and easy to use template to track networking and other contacts for proper management and follow up. There are three categories of contacts: 1, people you know, 2, people you would like to or need to know, and people who are friends of third_Evolution. You should have a purpose and a desired outcome for every meeting and every conversation. Your contact manager helps you keep track both before and after meetings of your goals and of your success. We'll also discuss electronic apps as well. 
  • Your introductory Email/Letter that sets the stage for your networking process. What do you say when you send an introduction to new contacts or even to known friends, but when you need to position yourself based on your new career objectives? We'll create that document and discuss the various permutations for its use in varied situations.
  • A Phone Script so both cold and warm calls will go smoothly and stay focused on your goals and objectives. Networking can be challenging, but when you remove the intimacy as well as the information gained from nonverbal cues, and have to network by phone, it's even more important to control and call and to stay on message. Your phone script will help you make introductions easier and will set parameters and expectations for your phone networking. Also, we'll discuss how to make the unexpected, expected, during calls. 
  • A Physician Career Planning Chart that serves as both a strategic (five-year) and a tactical outline of you transition management process - tracking the relationships between income and time you'll use to guide and track your career transition. Effective planning is about taking those first steps towards change. However, too often we see the goal, but can't figure out the path to follow to get there. The Physician Career Planning Chart is your visual tracker that allows you to create what-if scenarios for career planning and progress. 
  • Business Project Proposal Outline for use to present yourself in consulting engagements and other entrepreneurial pursuits. This format is vital to validating your fees and your time. Many physicians want to be consultants, but the first step in almost every consulting assignment is to submit a proposal. This proposal outline gives you the critical components any client will need for effective decision-making as well as the critical information you need to control the engagement and to be compensated appropriately, all in a low-key but forceful sales package. 
  • Your Resumé.... a functional resume to present you as an expert in your new area of career focus. Remember, you CV says one thing, I'm a physician. I often call the resume the starter-dough of your campaign materials. A solid resume provides the base material for your Stump Speech, your Phone Script, Your Email/Letter and your business card. That's why we spend so much time on developing a sound resume in BootCamp.
  • Your Stump Speech... the 90 words you'll use to answer the hardest interviewing and networking questions you'll ver be asked. What else needs to be said?
  • Your Business Card... the best "leave behind" you have. 
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