Should I attend BootCamp or Should I Engage Comprehensive Career Services and Career Management?

As I'm always recommending to physicians, treat every situation like a patient situation and you'll probably make some very good decisions. This is no different, except you're the patient. 

So, this is the situation. You believe you need help and advice, but the question is how much is enough. Consider the situation similar to a patient who says to herself, "I know my cholesterol is elevated, and my blood pressure seems a bit high. I have a bit of angina and I get a little dizzy when I exert myself. I think my cardiac risks may be higher than they should be. What shall I do."

Like you, this patient has choices. She sees that Dr. Smith, a noted cardiologist, is hosting a community forum on signs, symptoms, treatments and therapies for heart disease. She knows Dr. Smith is reputable and that in the forum many if not all of her questions will be answered. However, she'll be  on her own for implementation. She'll need to make the ongoing decisions about any changes she might make to medication, diet, exercise, and the like. It's all good advice, but what advice is most pertinent to her situation and how will she use it most effectively realizing that as her health changes, what represents the "best advice" should also change.

She also knows that her internist has mentioned Dr. Smith and her internist is willing to refer her to Dr. Smith for a complete, comprehensive workup. Going to Dr. Smith, she'll receive diagnostic data specific to her needs and a treatment plan and implementation process that is constantly monitored by Dr. Smith to make sure she is progressing well and to adjust to any changes, improvements or setbacks, she may encounter. She has a trusted one-on-one advisor.

That's the difference between BootCamp and Comprehensive Career Services. I will work as hard as you do in BootCamp to make sure you have the information, tools and processes you need, but you'll need to sort through the array of information in order to make the best use of it and to carry out its implementation.

As an individual client, I'll guide and work with you step by step, I'll provide detailed diagnostic information and recommendations, I'll draft and finalize all you materials for you and I'll draft your initial action plan coaching you before and after each meeting to make sure you're accomplishing your goals. And, if your plan needs adjusting as you proceed, I'll make those adjustments for you. When you reach your goal, I'll advise you on appropriate expectations, negotiations and even creating those important "first wins" in your new post.

You decide how much help and support you need. I'll work with you in any way you wish to foster your success.