Comprehensive Physician Career Management Services™

It's about choices, the nonclinical career choices you have, the nonclinical choices you'll learn about, and making the best, the right, choices as you move to your nonclinical career.

Comprehensive Career Services are best for Physicians wanting to follow the most efficient and effective pathway and make the best choices for their next career step.

  • nonclinical careers for physicians
    Comprehensive assessment to select the right career path. Intensive two-day one-on-one meeting on career decision-making. The Fee: $4,000
  • Consultant produced marketing materials and personal education and instruction on using marketing materials during four to six week development period. The Fee: $3,000
  • Campaign Management. Weekly support that stays with you until you meet your objectives for meeting management, opportunity identification, ongoing career assessment and educational meetings. The Fee: $900/month until you succeed. 
    • NOTE: Payment plans are available to fit your budget.

You're ready for a change, but what is the right career path for you, how do you even begin looking for a nonclinical job, and who do you talk to. Every day I speak with physicians concerned about making the transition into a nonclinical career. And I help them make better decisions. 

For more than a dozen years I've worked exclusively with physicians, more than one-thousand physicians, to help them identify, define and achieve their goals. I can help you too.

My Comprehensive approach mirrors the clinical process of new patient intake and management. I begin with a Career Diagnosis, two dedicated sessions for you and I to explore your knowledge, your interests, your skills, your passions - which I couple with an objective, behaviorally-based career assessment, in order to offer you a selection of subjectively desirable and objectively appropriate careers from which to select. The choices I present to you may be corporate or organizational positions or they may be entrepreneurial endeavors. Every physician is different and unique, and your diagnosis is just about you.

Once we have a diagnosis, then we can treat. I know that makes sense to you. Treatment is begins by getting ready for your career change.... defining who you'll talk to, what you'll say, what you'll ask for and what you'll offer, as well as the material you'll need. For example, we'll likely prepare a professional functional resume, but we may also develop a web site, a presentation, a new business card, and other documentation, your Career Marketing Materials, that will take the place of your CV in this effort.

Once your Marketing Materials are complete, then it's time to begin "treatment." And as you know, patient treatment is a fluid and dynamic process based on a defined objective. And as you also know, the defined objective may be modified or improved upon as treatment proceeds. That's how I manage your implementation for and with you. It is fluid and dynamic. It's meeting and speaking with industry and other experts to help you ascertain the efficacy of your career target and making effective change decisions along the way. Through weekly consultations you and I will chart your progress, set and adjust your goals and decide on the best next steps to help you achieve your nonclinical career goals. 

It's an intense and highly focused process.  And it's all about you, your success, your happiness.

Let's start the dialogue. Contact me now.