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NonClinical Career Transition Services

Scope of Work Focus: 

The list below is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather represents a range of activities previously undertaken for clients. Your specific campaign will most likely utilize elements from this list, but not the full list. Further, if your campaign requires deliverables that are not listed below, we will endeavor to provide them as long as they remain within the scope of capabilities available to third_Evolution.  

Client is requested to select from the services below those elements with which he/she wishes to engage third_Evolution for NonClinical Career Transition support, deliverables and advice/counsel. Client may make changes to selections at his/her discretion.  

Invoicing will be conducted electronically. Client will be billed a retainer fee of $995.00 per month until work is completed or client wishes to terminate services from third_Evolution. Your monthly retainer provides up to six hours of work monthly. Time will be allocated based on your direction and may be used for direct contact meetings or for third_Evolution to produce materials or research to support your transition. For some services where external vendors are required additional charges may apply, as noted below. Other Terms and Conditions may apply.  

*Items denoted with an asterisk represent work that must be done by and through third_Evolution’s preferred vendors otherwise cost is born by client. For web sites, client is responsible for domain registration and hosting fees. If client has outside group provide development, hosting, design, etc… the third_Evolution fee for copy development, creative direction, business direction, marketing/advertising advisement will be $3,000.

NOTE: Definitions, descriptions, scope of work/services, deliverables and fees are subject to change without notice.

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New Client Intake Services & Career Diagnosis™
Entrepreneurial Pursuits & Business Development
Career Transition Implementation – Career Transition Implementation most usually begins with your contacts and is a process of meeting people, groups, and organizations to further your career goals. You may also be directed to consider writing or speaking engagements, serving on organizational/corporate boards or other activities that comprise a well-rounded and effective campaign strategy based on your specific goals and timelines. We will generally meet weekly; although sometimes email will provide the best means of communicating activity, accomplishments and direction. Further, the immediacy and urgency of Implementation may require meeting frequency in addition to our weekly schedule. To meet your needs and objectives third_Evolution places no limit on such meeting frequency when moving towards critical interviews, meetings or offer evaluation/acceptance. Our focus is getting you across the finish line and into your new career, whether that means working for yourself or for someone else. The titles used below may be associated with “job search” for employment or “business development” for entrepreneurial ventures. Regardless, the process involves definable steps that are highly dynamic and fluid once your activity begins. Each category below may be addressed as part of your Implementation with specific objectives to be determined by and tailored to your individual campaign, or you may specify your critical areas of interest and the focus of our work.