MiniCamp™ Course Schedule

This is a highly focused process using proven methods to give you measurable results.

We'll begin a minimum of two to three days before your MiniCamp:

Before we meet you'll need about 45 minutes to complete the Birkman Method® assessment. I'll send those instructions to you upon registration. I'll also send you an Accomplishments Worksheet and a Contact Manager Worksheet - along with instructions for completion. I will review your Birkman results and provide you with a 100-plus page report and commentary before MiniCamp. I'll also review your Accomplishments and Contact Worksheets and provide preliminary comments to make our "face time" more productive.

Plus, I'll send you a PDF copy of my book...

Web-Meeting. Your Live, OnLine MiniCamp™ with me, Bob Priddy

this schedule may be adjusted to meet client needs. For example, you may wish to spend more or less time on the diagnostic process or planning implementation. The timeline is adjusted at your discretion. 
  • Hours 1-3 - Assessment and definition of your desired nonclinical career bath based on your Birkman results and our confidential interview. 
  • Hours 3-5 - Hands on work and production of your Marketing Materials along with template and personal planning and career development materials to help in your success.
  • Hours 5 + - Development of your implementation strategy and plan. From networking strategies, to your professional LinkedIn® profile and management of your Contact Management Worksheet.

After your MiniCamp I expect you to have follow-up questions.

You may want to further discuss your implementation strategy, refine your Stump Speech, modify your Resumé, tweak a Presentation, add more clarity to your career focus, or ask for guidance on the new NonClinical offer you just received. For 60 days following your MiniCamp™ I'll provide one full hour of consultation to address any topics or issues you choose.

MiniCamp is offered at a more than 60% reduction from my Comprehensive NonClinical Career consulting charges at the Tuition Fee $1,295.

Click here for schedule availability - Click HERE. MiniCamps are conducted many days of the week and the schedule is posted on a monthly basis.

MiniCamp Requirements. Please read the technical and work requirements before scheduling. Click HERE