Your Best Leave-Behind Says it All.Robert Priddy

Your best leave-behind is your business card, if it's put together correctly.

While today you may be rewarded for having a CV thicker than the New York City phone book, outside clinical practice, brevity is king. From presenting proposals to your own credentials, you’ll constantly find yourself asked for the shortest possible document. If you can’t sum up your recommendations in one bulleted page, don’t bother, it won’t be read.

It’s the same when you meet people. Unless you’re specifically asked - and you may so be prepared, never ask to leave your CV during or following a networking meeting or conversation.

Your business card, not the one with a patient appointment on the back, should say it all.

That’s my card above. It has who I am, which for me is a combination of my company, my name and my title, my company tag line… which tells you what I generally do, and then three areas of specialization. This is how I can help you. Lastly, how to contact me.

That’s all you need, Name, Contact and your Specialization. And, your specialization, NonClinically, is your Core Competencies. It’s that simple and it’s that powerful. Give everyone you meet a business card. It’s the perfect leave behind.

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