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NonClinical Careers for Physicians

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  • Sep

    Over-qualified, under-qualified, you just don't seem to be a match for any job that interests you. So what's the problem - you're misqualified. It's not you, it's them.... they don't understand what do do with you, so it's your job to educate them as to why they really want you. 

  • Sep

    Physicians have now been following healthcare, not leading it, for nearly three decades. What will it take to put doctors back in charge of their patients and their practices, and return the once strong influence they held over healthcare delivery and policy? Could it be a union?

  • Sep
    If your nonclinical career transition strategy is based on a three-year, five-year or longer plan, you have ample time to position yourself as an expert in your targeted field.... if you take the right steps now.  Here's how...