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nonclinical careers for physicians

What's Out There? 

I answer this question every day. And the answer is this, the right job for you is out there. And, I'll help you find it.

So, if you want to know your answer, Just Call Me and We'll Talk About It. 720-339-3585.

Don't worry about job titles, or industries. You'll be surprised how versatile your backboard in medical or surgical practice can make you. What I want you to do is think about what you want to do... think about what you would like to do. 

Consider it your diagnosis, your Career Diagnosis™. It's my process to take you beyond simply asking what's out there to being able to say, "this is what I want to do." 

I'm helping doctors, just like you, every day to start new careers, find interesting jobs or start their own businesses. Isn't that just what you want too?

I believe you're looking for the best possible career fit, something that uses the knowledge and the experiences you gained through the arduous process of medical education, residency and practice. I believe that among all the things you could do, all the jobs you could have, the ones you really want are a much smaller target. 

And regardless, of where you're stopping your medical career, you have the unique problem solving ability you first learned as a physician. How you refocus not just on what you could do, but more importantly on what you want to do is based on understanding the problems you solve best, understanding the problems you like to solve and then linking your problem solving focus with your interests, your skills and your knowledge. Where they all intersect is how we define your targets. Those are the jobs you want.

Read about how your next job is just the starting point for your new non-clinical career path.

Working together, I'll assess your Interests, Your Skills and Your Knowledge to provide you with a detailed list of career options that are objectively appropriate and subjectively desirable. 

The menu on the right will walk you through the process: this is how your nonclinical career transition plan is developed. 

What path is right for you? Your best fit may be between the lines of my list on the right, but working together we can decide the correct path for you to follow, and we can develop and implement an effective strategy for your success. 

Call or email to discuss your options and your interests. There's no obligation for a Courtesy Consult - just the opportunity to chart your new career path.

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