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nonclinical careers for physicians

What's Out There? 

The frustrating answer is this, almost anything... anything for which you have an interest, a transferrable skill set and knowledge. 

That may sound like ducking the question, but consider this. I've had clients focused on boxing, customized bullet manufacturing and sales, road-cycling, and custom cars. I've also had clients advising government agencies and official, leading high-profile LGBTQ health facilities, working as insurance executives, healthcare economists, pharma execs, and biotech leaders....

So, what's out there is a combination of what you would like to be doing - your interests, and how your skills and knowledge can be re-imagined to be useful, to solve problems in a different business or industry.

As I say to every client, don't limit your thinking. No one visits my web site because life and career couldn't be better. My clients are looking for "better," better than they are doing now, better lifestyles, better incomes, a better time in life. 

So, if you want to know your answer, Just Call Me and We'll Talk About It. 720-339-3585.

The menu on the right will walk you through the process: this is how your nonclinical career transition plan is developed. 

What path is right for you? Your best fit may be between the lines of my list on the right, but working together we can decide the correct path for you to follow, and we can develop and implement an effective strategy for your success. 

Call or email to discuss your options and your interests. There's no obligation for a Courtesy Consult - just the opportunity to chart your new career path.

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