Do You Love the Idea of a Big Enterprise With You an Integral Player?

Business or Organizational Leadership • Business and organizational leadership opportunities are the right fit for clients with strong work motivations and a desire to be a part of a work team. Whether project or product focused, it's often more the "medical/physician decision-making paradigm" that makes the match than clinical knowledge. Others find themselves in liaison roles as the physician expert interfacing with colleagues and clients.

Everyone has a different natural approach to leadership and management, and how they will best fit in an enterprise... 

  • Knowledge Expert - Strike out on your own and expect others to follow
  • Directive Manager - Coach and direct a team of like-minded and focused individuals
  • Delegative Manager - Direct a disparate group of team leaders to help them see and support a common mission

You may say, I do all of these, and perhaps you do, but only one method is truly elemental to your work style. Knowing that method allows you to focus on organizations, job functions and responsibilities where your opportunity for success is heightened. Using the Birkman Method, I'll measure your style. I'll objectively evaluate and tell you which method fits you best. 

Pursuing a business or organizational leadership career path requires careful planning to enable you to compete with the executives and administrators who've been doing this for years. third_Evolution will show you how, give you the tools and provide you the coaching and support for success.

It begins with your diagnosis, a two day event at my Denver office or online/at distance, followed by what I often refer to as "repackaging" or your prescriptions, that is developing a presentation, materials and other credentialing elements to present you as what you want to be rather than as a practicing physician. Then it's all about implementing - putting in place a system, structure and process focused on achieving your career goal.

What's going on in business today? Lot's. New areas have been opening up for physician executives beyond pharma, biotech, insurance and provider organizations. I see committed executive searches almost daily for physicians to support investment initiatives, M&A activities with clinical management companies, physician knowledge experts for marketing and advertising firms, and more. But remember, published jobs aren't the only one out there. as the old saying goes, the best jobs are never published and sometimes your best job won't exist until you've created the demand for it.

Want specific's - want to talk about specific companies or specific jobs? Just call or text me at 720-339-3585, email or use my inquiry form. No matter what method you choose, there is no charge for initial consultations.