What non-clinical career is right for me?

That's your first question, and the first step in your career transition - Career Exploration. Most importantly, it's a step we take together. Too many physicians speak with me and say, "I need to figure out what I want to do, then I'll start your process." When we speak a few weeks or a few months later, they are still trying to figure out what they want to do.

If you're serious about career change, your time is valuable, let's not waste it.

Let's work together to answer that question. We use the Birkman Method, an internationally respected behavioral career assessment or career test, to help you decide whether a career as a pharmaceutical executive, a Vice President of Medical Affairs in a provider organization, Healthcare consultant, financial analyst, a non-profit or public health leader, entrepreneur or any other career focus is best for you.

Then, just as you meet a new patient, the subjective information is backed up by a detailed patient history - what do you like, where/when have you been most happy, most successful. It's an interactive career coaching process best done face-to-face.

Once you have a focus for your job search the next step is setting career transition goals - your career action plan.