It's a job hunt, not a job search..

If you've read the preceding pages, you've seen a process emerge. I say career transition is a process not an event, and here I note a difference between job searching and job hunting. It may be a fine line, but if you're ever hunted anything, you've known what you hunted for. You don't go on ambiguous hunts - and your job hunt is no different.

But let's talk about what job hunting is not. It's not posting a resume on or CareerBuilder. It's not about applying to various openings, nor is it about shopping the classifieds, even "upscale" classifieds. And it's not about asking friends or acquaintances for a job. Random applications only result in expenditures of time and money with few positive results. And asking friends and acquaintances for jobs only alienates the people you need most to be on your side.

Job hunting is about maintaining your affiliations and maybe even expanding them a bit. It's about being able to talk with friends and acquaintances (not associates) about your career goals, and it's about being able to say, "I can," when asked if you believe you could fit into a new job area you've already researched and decided you want. So let's get down to job hunting specifics.

On the preceding pages we discussed setting your career goals, and the importance of exploring careers in a systematic manner. And, the issue of, "do I need another degree..." was addressed. On the following Job Hunting pages you'll gain tips and insights on the most common process elements of your job hunt.