What you should expect from an executive/physician coach

Three key deliverables

  1. Help and support in defining your desirable and appropriate career focus - something you want to do and something you can do well.

  2. Preparation of your marketing plan and package. This person should provide or manage the development of your resume, your letters, and whatever else you'll need in your career search.

  3. Coaching you in your process to help you develop and achieve reasonable milestones, keeping you focused and on task, direction for handling meetings and interviews, and help in assessing and negotiating opportunities.

  4. And optionally depending on you and your coach, helping you adjust to your new career. Learning about first wins and other important startup career transition steps. If appropriate, becoming your ongoing career coach and guide - many successful people, from corporate CEOs to celebrities and political leaders, work with a career coach regularly.

What you as a physician considering career transition should look for.

  • A Career Coach who knows and understands healthcare and physician practice. Most physician career transitions involve the use of physicians' medical and/or healthcare knowledge. Someone who understand the scope of the healthcare marketplace can better envision clients in various healthcare or healthcare related roles.

  • A Career Counselor who can develop materials for your use. Most physicians have never prepared a resume. Many career coaches simply try to help you develop your resume and associated materials. You need someone who can take the lead and produce for you.

  • A Career Coach able to help you manage your transition process much like you manage a patient, setting goals, helping you achieve those goals, doing things very new to your usual way of work.

  • A Career Advisor familiar with other areas of business as well as entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • A Coach who makes you feel comfortable and whom you trust.