"Networking is a way of life...," a client

"You never know who the people you know may know," Bob Priddy

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The first one is actually a quote from a past client of mine, now a successful medical director with a Fortune 50 biomedical corporation. When we first began working together, while he was still practicing surgery, networking was something loathed, thought of as akin to schlepping used cars or coupon booklets door-to-door. However, good networking is about developing and building relationships, and it can actually be fun.

As another client proclaimed to me after retuning from an educational seminar where she and I had agreed to certain networking targets, "There were people there who wanted to network with me! What an experience."

Good networking is both giving and taking. During a job hunt it's about asking for help, direction, assistance and counsel, while at the same time offering of yourself to the other person. There is to be expected a certain quid pro quo, and that keeps the balance sheet balanced.

The second quote is mine. As you go about meeting with people don't overly prescreen them based on who you think they may know. I have a friend who practices medicine as well as writes, hosts her own web site and speaks at various events. She also has as cousin who is an editor with a major magazine based in NYC. It's not an association you'd automatically make. But if you wanted to get published in a major political journal, she'd be a good contact.

The key to networking is to have a plan, like a hunt. Your plan is to speak with certain people, and from those people to extract information.