Building your brand is a strategic step that will pay off for years to come.

Your brand may be as simple as John Rogers, MD Consultants... or it may be ACME Consulting... Frankly, it doesn't really matter - and that's coming from a marketing guy known for saying, "packaging is everything."

But really, it's you, it's a one-person (maybe two or three) shop, and you're selling your distinct and specific skills. It is all about you, so YOUR NAME HERE, Consulting, Associates, etc... is about all you need.

You also need to speak with your attorney and your accountant. You should set up the right enterprise. I would tell you what and how, it's pretty simple, but I don't want to be accused of masquerading as either an attorney or a CPA.

What you do need to spend time on is your presentation, your value proposition, your pitch. Guy Kawasaki developed the 10/20/30 Rule. Ten slides, 20 minutes to present and no type font smaller than 30 points. It's a good rule to follow. And, close of OK. No one will fault you for 11 slides, but this isn't a grand rounds presentation. Slides are "billboards" to guide the conversation, not dissertations on a screen. 

Focus on presenting 
  • who you are
  • what you've done (that's relevant)
  • what you understand or see as their problems, challenges or goals
  • how you will help them.
That's it, then discuss, take copious notes, and draft a proposal. NEED A PROPOSAL -- you can use this outline. 

Purpose of a project proposal

  1. Defines the project
  2. Establishes expectations for all (both) parties
  3. Sets your fees and parameters for payment (very important)
Actually each of these items is very important. I've heard consultants say, "I just tell them I'm going to fix their problems, and send them a bill." Yea, right. Well, you'll be much happier, and spend less money collecting your money if you clearly define the project, the objectives. Then clearly define the process and confirm the expectations. You will find that sometimes clients expectations don't really match the project's objectives. And finally, state your fees and your terms for payment. I recommend a minimum of 50% in advance. But, pricing and billing are more art form in consulting than simply a mechanical activity, as in practice. 

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