Are You a Consultant or Entrepreneur? There are important difference you need to understand. 

Actually, you're probably both, but which hat drives your business?

I was just talking with a client about her consulting business and I told her these were the keys to being successful:
        1. Having a sound and timely idea/product
        2. Having the organizational skills to develop and implement 
        3. Having the creativity to approach the market in a variety of ways
        4. Having the "want to" that keeps you focused and committed
If you think about it, these are four good questions... and taken in the order presented offer a reasonable road map to a start up enterprise... consulting or otherwise.

You have to have a product, and idea. Now my favorite mantra is, "Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but good implementation is priceless." And, yes, I do actually believe that, but you still have to have an idea, a product or service you'll sell, offer, produce. 

However, you idea doesn't have to be unique or exclusive. I speak with too many physicians who say, "I'd like to do Fill in the Blank, but someone already has." It doesn't really matter if your idea builds on what someone else has done. You only need to be better or different. After all, how many coffee shops can you name? Have confidence in your ability (but that's number four).

Now, can you implement. Even usually good implementers may not be able to start a new business. You need to ask yourself very candidly what you know, what you can do, and what you don't know and what you can't do. Then determine how you'll successfully accomplish those areas outside your skill, knowledge or interest sets. 

Number three isn't so much about advertising, or creative sales practices or approaches, but rather, how many times can you hear "no," and still find another way to ask for a "yes?" there are many avenues to approach potential customers and clients... do you know more than one? Do you always have a fallback approach? You must.

Do you really want to do this - whatever "this" may be? You spent many years to become a physician. Don't expect your new business to be fast or easy. Certainly it won't take as long as medical school and residency, but it won't be three sales calls and two weeks in Europe celebrating your success. 

Set your goals, set your timelines, ask if they are reasonable, and stick with it. Expect it to take longer than you plan. 

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