Follow this simple and direct project proposal to make it easier to sell, manage and get paid for your engagements.

Project Proposal



RE:      Proposal for (the objective)

Project Background

What is the current situation. What is the problem. Why is or should there be a project.

Project Objectives

Be specific, itemize. State exactly, in bullet point order, what you will do.

This may begin, the objectives of this project/engagement, etc… are:

        • Bullet
            • Sub-bullet

Be specific and detailed, but be sure you can clearly measure your delivery of the objectives. Unmet objectives are reasons not to be paid…

Project Work Plan & Schedule

This is the “how” part. I will… and when…

Bullet points convey this most clearly. For concurrent activities you may use a two or three column table. Be as specific as possible, but only list what you’ll actually do. Observing the implementation of the work plan is the client’s way of measuring progress as well as consistency between what was said to be done and what’s accomplished.

The work plan also can provide you with a check off list for client progress reports.

Project Staff

A brief bio – applicable credentials. Clients like to know who’s involved and some credentials. Clients are always asked about their consultants and this is an opportunity not only to show clients they chose wisely but also to promote you to others.

Project Budget

Showing your budget is

        • a way of showing value to your client
        • a way to help clients “pick and choose” if negotiations over fees is expected
        • a way for you to help shape the scope of the project – i.e. elements of a project you may not wish to do or don’t feel they have value, you may overprice to get them omitted.

Allow some flexibility – i.e. “project costs are guaranteed within XX% of quoted fees. Project costs do not include… things the client may request as extras, such as 50 color copies of your report – do not include travel.

Finally a disclaimer, “If the scope or focus of the project materially changes, consultant will meet with client to present the changes and necessary revisions to the proposal, including fee changes.”

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