Physicians can make great entrepreneurs 

Physician Entrepreneurs Bring Unique Skill Sets to

Entrepreneurship • Being independent-minded souls, many physicians fit well into the entrepreneurial role. Most of our client-entrepreneurs rely on their clinical backgrounds and the intellectual capital they can bring to bear on non-clinical situations as consultants or subject matter experts, while others find a composite link between their clinical knowledge and a true life-passion. 

Physician Entrepreneurs bring many good ideas to the table, but I'll help you take a good idea, couple it with the right business planning, help you evaluate and implement your funding alternatives, and then turn your idea into a business.

We've worked with physicians who built cosmetic businesses, started corporate development firms, and created writing and "expert analysis" careers, and others who wanted to buy vineyards and open upscale doggie daycare centers, to name a few. They were all good ideas. Some came to fruition and some didn't. Your process begins with your two day diagnostic event. You'll learn how you work, how you work well, the support you'll need to start and run an effective business and if your proposed business interests fit your behavioral composition.

If after your diagnostic process your entrepreneurial venture continues to make sense to you, then I'll help you further evaluate your idea, help you develop an effective business plan and recommend funding sources. My job is to ask you the difficult questions to help you vet your idea as thoroughly as possible, and if at the end of the day it's a "GO" scenario, then to help you bring it to fruition. 

In the course of this business development process we'll assess your market, marketing and sales strategies, your financial modeling and build your process, step one, step two; you have to have a first step. As we go through this process you'll either decide you have the gold mine or it's time to step back to plan "B". Regardless, you'll have made an effective decision. If your idea is a go, then I'll provide the ongoing coaching and support to push your success. If it's a "no" then we'll work together to determine another desirable and appropriate career outcome. Either way, you'll win.

Consider these entrepreneurial options...

Sample Types of Businesses

  • Practice Consulting
  • Corporate social responsibility consultant
  • Corporate health/wellness lifestyle advisor
  • Biotechnical/Medical/IT Consulting
  • Acquire a Franchise
  • Become a writer for specialty publications
  • Start your own health policy advisory
  • Start an "adventure CME" business
  • Become a leadership consultant for business

Want to learn more... call me at 720-339-3585, email  or use my inquiry form. No matter what method you choose, there is no charge for initial consultations.