If social responsibility is your passion, you'll find the doors wide open...

Giving Back... • Many, many physicians say to me, "I'd like to do something to "give back" to the community, the profession, to society. It's a noble desire and one third_Evolution can help you fulfill. Opportunities exist with mission-driven organizations, and board or committee appointments often abound for "physician experts" willing to offer their expertise and guidance. Sometimes the giving back takes on a structured secondary role to a primary vocation. Regardless, if "social responsibility" is your prime motivator, we'll help you fulfill your personal objectives.

The question, that is, your individual question, is how exactly do you want to give back? What does giving back mean to you? Based on your objective Birkman profile and combined with your day-long interview - taking your oral history, we'll determine the right fit in terms of position and organization or cause that best fits you. 

Will it be a full-time job or part-time volunteering... We'll explore those options and develop a scenario that fits your needs. However, the process is the same in terms of defining the goal and developing a structured process to lead you there. Simultaneously, we're focusing on "career" in the sense of the economic objectives you've established. And we'll be determining the fit between giving back and making enough to support your desired lifestyle.

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