You can either shape your future or live someone else's... 

becoming involved in health policy will make your voice heard.

Health Policy • Increasingly physicians are realizing that few individuals or organizations really represent them and what they're experiencing in practice. As such more and more clients are seeking  opportunities to directly influence health policy and practice. Whether through the political process or through groups and organizations involved in drafting policy positions, most find a welcoming environment eager to hear what the "doctor has to say."

Increasingly clients and visitors to third_Evolution speak of a desire to influence the shape of healthcare delivery in the future. With the current political climate, it's virtually certain U.S. healthcare is in for some significant changes and the clock is ticking to stake out "change" oriented policy ground.

If you've reviewed healthcare reform legislation and looked at the stances of the major parties, you've noticed one glaring fact. Insurance and pharma are receiving more ink than physicians, or in the parlance of policy - providers. As a good friend once quipped, "I didn't spend four years in medical school and five in residency to be called a 'provider'." You probably didn't either. So now is the time to initiate change - how?

The first question I ask a clients who state an interest in policy is, what's your position? That is, what element or elements of policy interest you - articulate those interests. It begins by saying, this is what I believe, and crafting a well written and researched document to support your position.

Probably, if you have a strong interest in a particular area, you've already spoken to colleagues about your views, perhaps led a discussion at a society meeting or even a letter to the editor or to your legislators. These activities become a foundation building block for your credentials and from which to advocate your currently expressed position. 

Once your position is articulated and you've learned how to "present yourself as a health policy expert," you'll begin your communications campaign. It's all a matter of defining your process, developing your materials and espousing your position to selected interested parties.

third_Evolution will help you at each step, from suggesting and then challenging your policy positions to refining your presentation and selecting individual and/or organizational targets to meet. Then we'll prep you for your meetings, coaching you through this new and exciting career path.

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