First, any job is a physician's job if you have the knowledge, the skills and the interest.

Determining your applicable knowledge, skills and interests begins with the right diagnosis... just like treating a patient.

I call this a Career Diagnosis.™

When I listen to physicians, the issue they tell me they need the most help with, the issue most confusing and frustrating, is deciding what job is the right job. They usually ask me, "What's out there." But what you really want to know is what's the right job for you.

Physicians ask me about chart review jobs, working for attorneys and advising insurance companies. Sure, those opportunities exist, but the more physicians learn about those jobs the less attractive they often become. 

This is my answer, you can have about any job you want if you have the: 

  • Interest
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
It's where those lines intersect that you'll find the right career. 

The process below is how you and I arrive at your career target. This is your Career Diagnosis™. (click here to go to the next page where I will explain your engagement process)

So, how do you decide? I've developed a very refined process that follows a pattern similar to what you do in diagnosing a new patients. First, I follow a SOAP note format. Here's how it works.

Subjectively, we will follow a structured process to analyze all your past vocational and avocational endeavors. And with each you'll define the pros and cons of that situation. Working through the years, patterns will arise, and these patterns will establish critical objectives for your new career. 

We'll further explore your critical needs, income, location, preferred work settings, other "make or break" personal or family factors. Then we'll assess your interests, your knowledge, your skills and your passions. All of this information goes into defining what you want in a job. 

Next, we'll present and discuss the Objective data. I use the Birkman Method* assessment for this purpose. I have administered this behavioral work assessment to more than 1,000 physicians and never had a doubting comment. It will provide detailed information about usual styles, your "hardwired" needs, and your stress behaviors. From it we will define necessary work factors relative to relationships and communications, managing authority, both upward and downward, pace of work and thought, organization and structure, and your needs for rewards and independence.

Further, we will assess specific jobs and industries where based on the similarity between your response and a base "N" you are most similar and statistically, most likely to be happy and successful.

The subjective and objective are combined to create an assessment resulting in an actual list of "best fit" job/career opportunities you and I will discuss, evaluate and vet to the point of you making a decision. You will be choosing your diagnosis, your career diagnosis based on well-developed and valid information and data.

We will then develop a plan of action to carry you from this didactic session to your new career. 

If you want to learn more, call or text (720-339-3585) or email, or use my contact form. I'm happy to speak with you at any time. And all initial discussions are both confidential and considered Courtesy Consults. No fees apply.

* Birkman Method is the registered copyright © Birkman International Inc.