Money Back Guarantee*

*If you're not completely satisfied with your CareerFit™ Assessment, just tell me at the conclusion and I'll refund your fee minus my direct material costs of $250. That's a $749 refund if you're not completely happy with your CareerFit™Assessment. Your Birkman assessment PDF is your's to keep. 

The most visited web page and the most asked question is, What's Out There?

And the answer is, what do you want to do, that is, what is the right nonclinical career for you, not just what's out there.

What's out there is, literally, everything and anything.  The right question is "what job, what career, do I want?" But answering it is tough to do on your own and tougher yet if you've spent a lifetime in exam rooms or operating theaters. 

That's why I created the the Career-Fit Assessment™ It get's you past the biggest hurdle in physician career transition, defining what you want to do and making a commitment to a career path. And, you don't need to start a Comprehensive Career Engagement, and you don't have to fly to Denver to meet. It's all done online and at distance. It's an effective short-cut to get you on your road to carer transition. 

This is how it works. I treat you just like a new patient. You'll take the objective Birkman Method® behavioral work assessment before we meet. Then, armed with a battery of behavioral work data, I'll spend up to three hours taking your oral history. Next, combining your Birkman data with your oral history, I'll present your assessment for discussion. Your assessment will be defined by several jobs or career paths that represent appropriate choices based on your Birkman data and desirable choices based on your subjective input. 

Together, we'll spend the next two hours assessing each choice and distilling them down to a workable, tangible, achievable focus. 

This is why it works. I follow the data and listen to and interpret the symptoms you present. For the last dozen years I've worked exclusively with physicians in career transition. I've worked with more than twelve-hundred physicians and helped thousands more with hallway consults. I am an expert career diagnostician. Your "symptoms" will tell me what you enjoy, where your interests and passions lie, and what you've done well - and not, your knowledge and your skills. Your Birkman results will help shape the application of your symptoms. What types of organizational relationships are best for you, what is your pace of work, your decision-making style, how you communicate and how you organize both your work and your thoughts?

These are all critical factors in making the right career choices. Call/Text or email me if you want to learn more, or simply click here if you want your answer to the toughest question you have.

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