Is staying in practice your best option? If so, I'll help you be more successful, less stressed and have more fun. 

I'll help you do it successfully and happily...

For many physicians, remaining in practice or returning to practice is your very best option, the best use of your professional skills and what you really want to do. Further, it goes without saying, career transition can be a scary process in today's economy.

What are your options? You're
frustrated, tired, worried about the economy, but overly demanding, even litigious, patients, increasing bureaucracy, declining reimbursements and less time for yourself and your loved ones are making practice a "physician-unfriendly" zone.

Here is my two pronged approach to practice change.  First you need to get control of your practice - that's Physician-Centering... see below. Simultaneously, you need to be looking at business options. How can you change your practice to achieve target profitability while making your practice more livable, more Physician-Centered? Offshore may even be an option...

Effective Practice Processes

  • First, look at your business processes - are they optimal? THEY MUST BE - ask me how.

  • Specialize/sub-specialize - think in business terms, not clinical terms - it can be as simple as promoting a particular procedure or service.

  • Change your hours - when is patient demand the highest - lowest. Give yourself some time off.

  • Share the costs - others have the same challenges. What can you share: people, equipment, office space. Think collaboratively and collectively.

Some Don'ts

  • Don't bring in a partner...

  • Don't give up whatever autonomy you have...

  • Don't resign yourself to the status quo...

The Physician Centered Practice

  • It's about organizational development and behaviors

  • It's about defining and perhaps recreating your practice's corporate culture

  • It's about developing and assigning responsibilities

  • It's about understanding what you want from your practice and how to get it

  • It's about being happy again...

Read this article, the Physician-Centered Practice, ( click here to download a printable PDF - share it with your colleagues ) and then call or email. I'd like to speak with you about making your practice a happier place for you to be. You can also use this form to contact me if you prefer.

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