Adekemi O. Oguntala, MD

Adolescent Medicine Specialist

The Teen Doc ( )

Clinician, Educator and Public Speaker

 "My resident and fellowship training were instrumental in preparing me to become a physician. However, there was little to no support in designing a career track that was not academic, clinical or some combination thereof. Working with Bob Priddy helped me nurture an innovative career track that encompassed my clinical, teaching and public speaking skills.

James Slusher, MD

Mindfulness Fight School

"When I sought counsel with Robert Priddy, I did not have a particular direction, I just knew I wanted to transition out of clinical medicine. I met with Robert, and over the course of 2 days, he learned of my interests, abilities, and experience. Along with the Birkman assessment profile, Robert formulated a business plan that melded passion with profession. It was perfect, something I could be fulfilled with while earning a decent living, and do for the rest of my life. Honestly, this was not something I would have came up on my own. With our scheduled phone conferences, Robert provided a mix of encouragement and guidance. In a relatively short period of time, I was up and running. Change is never easy, but I alway knew Robert had my back!"

Andy Dombro, MD is a successful business person and consultant
ndrew H. Dombro, MD

President of The Institute for Medicine & Golf, LLC, Internist, Golf Writer, Lecturer, Consultant

 "During the past several years, the advice, counsel, hard work and friendship I've received from Bob Priddy have been invaluable in my transition from an internist in private practice to golf writer, lecturer, and consultant."  

Dr. Oguntala is the "Teen Doc"

Dr. Okabe found her niche in a specialty medical practice.
Atsuko Okabe, MD

Breast Surgeon & Women's Health Expert

 I first began working with Bob Priddy when I was at a crossroads in my medical career. The Birkman evaluation was extremely helpful in identifying the most desirable and fulfilling work situations. Bob has a special ability to connect with physicians and administrative staff in any scenario and his knowledge of hospital administration and physician recruitment was invaluable in assisting me throughout the job hunting process. Thanks to Bob, I am now enjoying a breast surgery practice which is an ideal fit for this stage of my career.

Other Comments from Clients...

"Did the call you suggested to the recruiter. Went exactly as you said...she was interested in discussing further for a different position than I called about."Rad/Onc, NY

"Working with you was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I look forward to hearing how the boot camp goes!"  ENT, NY

Hi Bob, I read through your manual and found it clear, concise and valuable. I have read a few other career books and yours is especially helpful in that it is focused on the career changing physician., Thank you for forwarding your manual to me. IM/Chicago

 "The face sheet* you did....all I can say is wow!  It really puts things in a completely different light." Ob/Gyn, Indiana | *a Face Sheet sometimes substitutes or augments your resume or CV.  

 "I couldn't help noticing that it is a rare individual such as yourself that has an accurate and thoughtful understanding of the healthcare crisis now unfolding," Anesthesiologist, CA

 My sincere thanks for your help and support. Although I do believe I could have eventually achieved this change on my own, I know you helped make it happen much faster and in a much more organized way than I could have achieved alone. Bob I don't think I could find a better opportunity if I looked another 10yrs, and I have no intention of letting this get away.MD, Vascular Surgeon, IN

 It was such a pleasure for my spouse and I to spend time with you during this time of transition. We both strongly believe in your abilities to help us navigate a new pathway to career success and satisfaction.

With great appreciation, Ortho Surg, NE

Thanks again for everything! I'm quite excited about this new opportunity, and I'm sure I would never have had the courage to leave dentistry without the assurance you gave me about alternative careers for health care providers. DDS - NC

Thank you for looking over my resume and for providing helpful tips. Because of our conversation, I have a greater sense of what lies ahead. Thank you for the referral and for sharing your time and expertise. I will certainly be in touch with you again.   Psychiatry Resident - NY

Thank you so much for your time and insight. I will certainly use your ideas and also refer you to colleagues who need help as well. MD-FP - Ohio