Do you need a Social Media Makeover?

The critical question is do you control your own image, and is it the image of who and what you you aspire to?

LinkedIn® is not your CV. Think about that.... does your LinkedIn page, assuming you have one, look like your CV or does it present you as a multifaceted person with many interests and accomplishments that reflect your true nonclinical aspirations?

LinkedIn and other social media personal pages tries to make it easy for people to enter the right information, their job titles, places of employment and other key identifying data. However, sometimes that information represents a backward-looking perspective and fails to present your more forward looking objectives. 

In your Social Media Makeover we'll discuss the options open to you as well as the right way to present yourself to the market you're wishing to enter. We'll also discuss advertising and promotional options that exist with social media, and how to participate and create a presence and followers - all intended to elevate your social media profile while keeping you in control of content and presence.

If you're ready to get started, just complete form below, send any documents you'd like me to have to augment our conversation and I'll call/email within 24 hours.

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