Your Web is Your Business's Front Door - will your clients enter?

In today's markets business creation is instantaneous and virtual and web storefronts are constantly changing based on customer wants and perceptions. 

Most of my clients' businesses are located virtually and are based on their intellectual capital. If that describes your business, you need a well crafted web site to help sell your services. You web site package developed by third_Evolution will be between three and five pages. It is designed to help you open the door of your new business. 

What I'll do: I'll meet with you to collect the necessary information to build pages, draft copy, collect images, discuss names, colors and logo's and create the initial web structure and template. My personal business perspective is that solo or small-business entrepreneurs need to be in control of their storefronts, so I'll construct your web so you can make changes, if you wish. However, you will own all the contents, domain names, etc... so if in time you want to turn it over a web development company, it will be easy to do. 

My development focus will be on:
  • Your business description and value proposition
  • Your product or products
  • Your qualifications
  • Contact capabilities
  • Commentary Section or Blog
What You will do: You will secure your domain name, contract with the web hosting company and collaborate with me for the content production. I will provide the companies for you to obtain your Domain Registration and Web Hosting. You should expect your Domain Registration to cost about $15.00 annually, and Professional Hosting Services to cost $150-$200 per year. That's right, setting up a virtual business is not costly. 

If you're ready to get started, just complete form below, send any documents you'd like me to have to augment our conversation and I'll call/email within 24 hours.

If you want to get started now, just, CLICK HERE to go to the payment page... select BUSINESS-CONSULTING WEB from the list and your online payment will be processed securely at the RFP Physician Career Services, LLC portal at PayPal®. The Fee is $4,000. I will call/email you as soon as I receive notification of your payment. Be sure to include your phone and email.

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