Promoting Your Website with
GOOGLE® Adwords Campaign Development & SEO advisement

Now that you have a website... your new storefront, you may want people to visit you... I say that seriously because you may be geared towards visitors or you may have developed a website to serve strictly as an online brochure or client interface.

If you do expect visitors, the fastest way to bring people through your door is with pay-per-click, PPC, advertising and the premier site for PPC is Google®.  I've used Google, Bing, LinkedIn Ads, FaceBook ads, Twitter, etc... during more than a decade promoting my own business as well as others. 

I'll work with you to establish a promotional strategy using the PPC vehicles you wish coupled with a review of your Search Engine Optimization - SEO - positioning. I'll help you develop Key Word for searches and online ads to link to your Key Word selections. And, based on your business focus and objectives, I'll advise you on other actions you can take to boost your website presence.

Lastly, I will provide you with tools to assess your SEO positioning and provide advice in analyzing cost differences between SEO and PPC decision making for your business, both short and long-term. 

If you're ready to get started, just complete form below, send any documents you'd like me to have to augment our conversation and I'll call/email within 24 hours.

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