How To Manage Your Exit From Your Practice

You Own Your Practice

Owning your own practice affords you considerable flexibility with your time and schedule, but also requires you to maintain a revenue stream to support your obligations as well as your objectives.

Juggling the two is a usually a very doable challenge. You just need to understand the process and dynamics of career transition.

First, have a plan. You need structure and order to proceed effectively and efficiently. You plan needs to have objectives, both interim milestones and an expected endpoint. Milestones provide a measure of accomplishment and measure progress. But don't be surprised if, actually expect, milestones to change as you progress. Part of your process is balancing your plan with your experiences and responding appropriately to the fluid nature of career change. 

Next, set budgets for yourself. Both time and money are valuable commodities, so budget both. Establish definite time amounts or blocks in order to devote enough time to your transition without overextending yourself. Next, expect your transition process to have a cost. Determine a value of transitioning. Some of the cost may occur if you decide to remove some practice time (patient visits) from your schedule. Other costs may be for consulting support (such as third_Evolution) or travel and conference attendance costs, perhaps some new memberships or other necessary elements or activities for your transition. 

Learn to set aside 30 to 60 minutes a couple of times each week to devote to telephone networking. And, adjust and manage that schedule by grouping calls and contacts by time zone. Early morning and late afternoon are often good times for networking cold calls, so pair the target time zones with your work schedule.

Successfully implementing your career transition is a second job. Approach it with the same level of structure and commitment you approach your practice and you'll have every reason to be successful.

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