You're a Partner in Your Medical Practice

While Partnership Has Obvious Advantages, It Also Has Obvious Obligations

Separating from a partnership often pulls clients between loyalty to partners and practice and loyalty to self. It can be a challenging tug of war. 

But, partnership can also offer some distinct advantages. 

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Will my partners allow me to reduce my direct patient contact time?
  • Are there services I can provide for the practice that have real economic value outside direct patient care that will provide me more scheduling flexibility?
  • Can I adjust schedules with other partners or associates to create high and low patient contact weeks and still meet my expected production targets?
  • And lastly... how will I exit my practice corporation?
Discretion is paramount when you're a partner. For that reason I work in complete confidentiality and I strive to structure your exit strategy so it is either not visible to the practice or is actually couples with practice support and development. I've been doing this more nearly two decades, so I have extensive experience helping physicians depart practice partnerships in the best possible way. 

And because of my background, I will alert you to the common objections that arise and partner response. 

Successfully implementing your career transition is a second job. Approach it with the same level of structure and commitment you approach your practice and you'll have every reason to be successful.

If you're interested in learning more, Contact Me... I'll provide you an initial one-hour consultation, absolutely free, and you can decide if you believe I can help you with your transition we can discuss an easily managed monthly program to get you into the right job market, in the right way, for you.