The Professional NonClinical Career Support You Want

Bob Priddy has been a trusted advisor and confidant to physicians for more than 35 years.

When you speak with Bob Priddy about healthcare, about your practice, about your what's out there, and about your goals and ambitions, you'll know you're confiding in someone who inspires trust and confidence as a counselor who has "been there before." 

"In my first hospital job I found myself wanting to hang out with the doctors at every chance. I visited the doctors' lounge, would just watch and observe in the ER and in the OR's, and even became a regular partner on the golf course. I found physicians comfortable talking with me, I guess, because I listened. That listening turning into advising, and recruiting, practice development, clinical development and planning.... well, they all just came naturally. And, it also came naturally to help physicians build practices around their interests rather than just around the next patient through the door. I did a lot of that - practice specializing."

And, today, that's still what Bob's doing - actually, what he's been doing for about 15 years now, but now his focus is entirely nonclinical. Regardless, it's still about specializing. You don't want an average career, you want something special... something for you, and that's what he seeks to provide you. 

  • My Mission is very simple, To help you become as happy and successful in a new nonclinical career. 
  • And my Vision is to implement your objectives through a structured, interactive, learning process so that it will be sustainable and replicable by you for the rest of your career lifespan.
So, if you believe you need assistance with your career change or transition and you want support from some who's spent not only a lifetime in business, but also, most of his career helping physicians find happiness and success, I'd be pleased to work with you. 

It's easy to start and it costs you nothing. Let's talk and you decide if you want to work together. If you become a client, I simply charge a monthly retainer to work with you through a thorough and effective process. Most engagement last nine to 14 months, and you should expect my fees to total over that time frame to about what a family physician earns monthly. 

Bob holds a master's degree in management from Frostburg State University, with an emphasis in finance, and a bachelor's degree, cum laude, in journalism from West Virginia University. He is a Certified Birkman Consultant and he is listed in Who's Who in Health and Medicine. Bob has authored numerous articles on physician career management and transition, and lectures nationally to physician and executive audiences. You can purchase his book, The Physicians Guide to NonClinical Careers - This link will open a new page at