The Professional NonClinical Career Support You Want

Bob Priddy has been a trusted confidential advisor for more than 1,200 physicians seeking non-clinical career transitions or restructured clinical practices.

Robert F. Priddy has been a trusted Physician advisor for more than three decades.

When you speak with Bob Priddy about healthcare and about your practice, about your frustrations, and about your objectives, about your goals and ambitions, you'll know you're confiding in someone who inspires trust and confidence, as a counselor who has "been there before." 

Beginning with his first hospital position in 1981 his focus was to bring business expertise to the newly created paradigm of Prospective Payment. Through the development of managed care: HMO's, PPO's, Capitatation, the implementation of RBRVS, Bob was there - and he knows what happened to physicians and medical practice along the way. 

Bob Priddy's background is with Physicians, healthcare, and nonclinical industries.

Bob has worked closely with physicians and practice administrators to build practices, fine tune operations and address organizational and governance issues important to successful practice development. His areas of practice expertise have included:

  • Effective physician recruitment & retention programs 
  • MSO development to increase revenue and reduce expenses 
  • Redeployment of practice operations for efficiency and effectiveness  
  • Developing governance organizations and processes to achieve desired physician control and effectiveness  
But your interest is in a nonclinical career. We tell you this background just so you'll be confident Bob Priddy not only understands the critical elements of medical practice and healthcare management, but he also knows the history, and what has brought us, and you, to this point of change today.

In 2002 Bob started working directly with physicians in career transition. As a result of that work, Bob saw opportunities to expand the physician career management concepts he had developed to better help physicians wishing to remain in practice as well as those desiring non-clinical careers. Thus, began a new partnership and Physicians Career Practice, LLC. Recognizing his true entrepreneurial spirit, after developing PCP to a successful level, Bob made the decision to move his physician career transition concepts under his full control and established third_Evolution.

Bob holds a master's degree in management from Frostburg State College, with an emphasis in finance, and a bachelor's degree, cum laude, in journalism from West Virginia University. He is a Certified Birkman Consultant and he is listed in Who's Who in Health and Medicine. Bob has authored numerous articles on physician career management and transition, and lectures nationally to physician and executive audiences. You can purchase his book, The Physicians Guide to NonClinical Careers - This link will open a new page at