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Globalize Your Career Transition

Just like our global economy, in career change, transition and management, everything is interconnected. Always look for the interconnectedness of every opportunity, networking interaction or job offer. Openness inspires growth, compartmentalization creates barriers. 
Working with clients I often find them seeing opportunity as either/or, rather than all of the above. However, if you look at most of what we encounter today, nearly everything is interconnected. The same should be true as you pursue a new business opportunity or career transition. 

When you start a new job, you certainly want to be focused on creating the best initial impression. Yet, to do that, you will likely find that looking for other connections, how does your new job role help you in other ways, who else do you know who may support your success in your new role and what networking outside your department or outside your company may help you not only establish a stronger "first impression," but also serve to further your career towards a next step - a next step that may be just down the road or far into the future. Those should be the questions you ask yourself and the answers you seek to supply. 

To build a truly successful career transition that serves as a foundation to sustain you for the long term, don't stop at the shoreline in your thinking, but look beyond towards how much connectivity you can create with everything you do. The more people and processes you touch, the more value you present in your current role as well as the better you will be positioning yourself for a successful future. 

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Comments (23)
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