COVID-19 has changed the playing field. 

If you're on the front lines in an ICU or ER or other department charged with managing infected patients on a daily basis, you may simply be exhausted. You may be saying to yourself, "If I make it through this, I'm done." You want a new start. 

If you're in a different specialty, you may be wondering how to save your practice or your job. I speak with surgeons who tell me that with their mostly elective patient base they're only operating one day a week, if that. You're wondering if the restart is really worth it... 

And every one of you is wondering... what about the next time. 

And, whether you're early in your career or you've been soldiering on for decades, today's crisis may represent a critical decision-point in your career. Regardless of why you're here, you're here seeking change. 

So, whether COVID-19 is crushing, overwhelming or decimating you medical practice, if you want to find out what else may be out there, let's talk.  Many reasons may have brought you here, but you want the same things: to be happy, to feel successful, to be valued, to be safe. 

A Word About Process:
I also know you're used to calling a recruiter 
or two and getting help - or to having recruiters call you. 

It won't work that way this time

This time you're going to need a different kind of help. And, you're going to have to make different kinds of decisions. 

Your most pressing question is going to be, "What NonClinical Career is Out There for Me?" Not just what's out there, but what's out there for you. 

And I'll help you answer it by learning your interests, your skills and your knowledge. Every physician is different, and what's out there for you is defined by what you want to do . Tell me about yourself and we'll get started finding your right nonclinical career.

Your nonclinical career can begin here.

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