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Now, let's get started. You're here because you want a NonClinical Career. 

You're here because you're concerned about your future in medical practice, concerned about the direction medicine is going, concerned about your stability, your happiness and your opportunity to simply practice medicine as you learned. You're concerned you don't have time for your children, or you're a recent empty nester and you want to explore for yourself now. 

Whether you own your own practice, are a partner within a group or you're employed by a larger group, hospital or health system, you're seeing your independence eroded through payor rules, administrative objectives or intrusive regulatory oversight. Your time is not your own. And whether you wanting to start a family or you've just sent the kids off to college, you've watched your personal life take second place for too long. 

If you're frustrated today, you'll be more frustrated tomorrow, so let's talk.

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If you're serious about your career transition, stop right here and text me now. It's that simple and easy. I'm here to listen, understand and advise, and it costs you nothing for an initial consultation. If it's during business hours you can expect an immediate call back. Otherwise, I'll set up a time to talk within 24 hours of your text. My objective is very simply, your success.


Is it time to Sample the Waters? Is it time to flip the switch? Read more to explore your opportunities. What job is right for youClick HERE to look at some career options. Or, consider these categories as a starting point:

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