I know why you're here. You may be early in your career and medical practice simply isn't what you expected. You have no control, your schedule, your time isn't your own and you feel like your punching a clock... or perhaps you've had a successful practice career, but now you feel like the medicine you practiced in the beginning has vanished. As a friend commented to me, I not leaving medicine, medicine left me. 

Many reasons may have brought you here, but you want the same things: to be happy, to feel successful and to be valued. 

I also know you're used to calling a recruiter 
or two and getting help - or to having recruiters call you. 

It won't work that way this time

This time you're going to need a different kind of help. And, you're going to have to make different kinds of decisions. 

Your most pressing question is going to be, "What NonClinical Career is Out There for Me?" Not just what's out there, but what's out there for you. 

And I'll help you answer it by learning your interests, your skills and your knowledge. Every physician is different, and what's out there for you is defined by what you want to do . Tell me about yourself and we'll get started finding your right nonclinical career.

Your nonclinical career can begin here.

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