third_Evolution offers a full range of physician nonclinical career services...

... from Comprehensive Career Transition management to hourly consultations and advice. What help do you need?

Comprehensive Career Transition 
management is just that. It's treating you like a complex new patient - 99205, beginning with your Career Diagnosis™, followed by Transition/Treatment Planning and Management of your Implementation Strategy. The Fees are phased and therefore variable. Click HERE to be taken to that page for a complete description or if you're in a hurry, just TEXT ME HERE.

All the services listed below are predicated on making sure they are the right services for you. You don't pay for my services until we've spoken and you've decided you wish to engage me. If you then elect to work with me I will send you a link to make a secure online payment and we will proceed. 

Resume Development. $1,500.
Today you have a Curriculum Vitae or some other list of your experiences. Moving into the nonclinical sphere you'll need a well crafted resume. However, I approach resume development based specifically on your desired outcome. While a two-page resume is the industry standard, some combination of your resume and your CV may be more appropriate. You and I will discuss and agree on the final product, and then I'll develop it for your review and approval.

Networking Package. $1,250
The first question you will always be asked, is "tell me a little about yourself." The answer is your Stump Speech. It's only 90 words, but those are the most important 90 words you'll ever say. However, when I draft a Stump Speech, I draft it in categorical sections so it is really more than one speech and the answer to six or more direct questions. In this package you'll receive your Stump Speech, your Stump Speech converted to a Phone Script and 250 new Business Cards (delivered to your home or office) to fully prepare you for your next meeting, conference or networking event. 

Correspondence Package $1,300
Implementing your nonclinical career transition you will need to reach out to people you don't know as well as to people who may not know your full history and background. Laying the groundwork for a positive conversation helps you and your contacts contribute more effectively to the outcome you want. Your Introductory Email/Letter is just that, initial correspondence to introduce yourself, appropriately position your professional credentials and ask for the right outcome.  While I usually recommend against applying for jobs, you'll likely want to do just that and you'll need a Cover Letter to accompany your other documentation. It will contain some of the same information in your Introductory Email/Letter but will also have template features to allow you to customize it to each submission. Lastly, never end any engagement without saying Thank You... I'll show you how. 

Business - Consulting Web Site. $4,000
Your website is elemental in establishing you as a legitimate business. It is a personal statement venue and a means of establishing creditability for new endeavors. I will build an initial site based on your business objectives and aligning pages with:
  • Your business description and value proposition
  • Your product or products
  • Your qualifications 
  • Contact capabilities
  • Commentary Section or Blog 
In addition to my fee, you will be responsible for securing your domain name and web hosting services. Those fees will be approximately $150 - $200 per year. I will assist and advise in putting those elements in place, and the web hosting company must be from my recommended list. 

GOOGLE® Adwords Campaign Development & SEO advisement. $1,000
Once you have a website, unless it is simply an online contact point or credibility supporter, you'll want to promote it. The fastest way into the market is with Google's Adwords. With Adwords you can be in front of your customers the day you start your business. I have used and managed Adwords accounts for more than a decade and will provide the start up structure for your web, including key word and online ad development, targeting and budgeting.

SEO is a long-term process and I will advise you on initial SEO structure but refer you to other resources for long-term SEO development, if you desire.  

Social Media Makeover. $1,200
LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter®.... et al. Whether for self-promotion or self-protection, you need to own and manage your own social media presence. Many individuals and organizations turn first to social media to learn "who you are," what you do and  what you've done. You want an online presence that positions you equally well for what you want to be doing while using your past accomplishments to present your skills, knowledge and interests. 

PowerPoint® presentation. $1,200  The language of consulting is the PowerPoint presentation. As one industry expert put it, you must follow the “10/20/30”** rule in developing and delivering PowerPoint’s. I'll create your “10/20/30” presentation for maximum impact and outcome based on who you are, your value proposition, and your basic work flow. With this template you can then personalize your presentation to any audience and for nearly any purpose. 

** Guy Kawasaki

Birkman ® Method Assessment. $1,200  One of the most sophisticated behaviorally-based, work-focused career assessments available to physicians. This assessment provides detailed descriptive and prescriptive information to help physicians make the best career choices predicated on individual work styles, needs and behavioral assets. The Birkman is completed online with 295 multiple choice questions and the client receive a 100-plus page written report discussed and explained during a personal presentation of all pertinent results and recommendations.

Personal Professional Coaching. $400/hour
Whether you're looking for input and advice on what's out there and how you should prepare yourself, or more focused direction for preparing for a media interview, a job interview, a business presentation or you need advice about developing a business plan, implementing your transition strategy or any other area of discussion and counsel, I'll schedule time for you by phone, in person or by FaceTime or Skype. 

Other Projects. Quoted Individually
I develop business plans for clients, advise or various entrepreneurial pursuits and other business ventures and develop a wide range of materials based on specific goals and objectives. I've worked in provider organizations, managed care, HIT as well as the newspaper and marketing/advertising industries, and I've worked in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, and China. In other words, I've been around,, So, if you don't see what you want or need above, just call or email and I'll be happy to speak with you. And, like any hallway consult, there is no change unless you choose to formally engage me. 


if you want to start moving quickly, just click HERE to go to me contact page, upload you existing CV and any other documentation you want me to have, and I'll respond to you within 24 hours. Or, if you prefer, just CLICK HERE TO SEND ME A TEXT MESSAGE.