The Right Resumé for You

It's time to burn your CV and start over with a document that doesn't just tell readers where you've been but, more importantly, tells them how much  you've accomplished in your career and what new career path you're following.

If you're serious about a nonclinical career, the first major change you must make in presenting yourself is to ditch your CV and replace it with a your personal marketing document.... that's another way to describe your resumé. 

However, which resume is right for you? Functional Resume, Chronological Resume, Combination Resume/CV, Synopsis of Resume, Supplement to Resume....  Different types of jobs will require different types of information. However, every resume type requires one consistent set of elements... it has to tell people not just what you've done and where you've been, but the value of your life's work. 

You're the client, so you tell me how you want to work. If you want to talk about your resume, talk about how we'll work together, just call, text or email... Click HERE to connect.

If you're ready to get started, then just upload your existing CV, resume, or any other similar documents you want me to have to prepare for our work. Use the form below. Sorry, but you can only upload one document at a time. But send as many documents as you believe necessary for me to help you. Complete resume work usually requires about four weeks and I will want to speak with you three to five times during the development period. We'll begin with an initial phone consultation, followed by your completion of a detailed Accomplishments Work Sheet, from which I will initiate a first draft. We'll then review the draft together to move to a second draft and then usually a final document. 

Next, CLICK HERE to go to the payment page... select RESUME from the list and your online payment will be processed securely at the RFP Physician Career Services, LLC portal at PayPal®. The Fee is $1,500. I will call/email you as soon as I receive notification of your payment. 

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